Denver StartUp Week

I can’t wait to take my BRAND NEW Adjustable Yoga Mat Straps from Strap it Om to Denver Startup Week today and this week. Might as well bring it along, show off my wares and then if there are no seats, I’ll even have a yoga mat to sit on!
If I met you at Denver StartUp Week, You would like to connect, would like to talk to me more about my business and yours or would like to order a STRAP from Strap It Om or for any other reason, I would love to connect up with you.
Please go to my Contact Page
And fill out the contact form and I will get back to you As soon As Humanly Possible!
Thanks so much! Talk to you soon!
If you love what I am doing and want to share, like or comment, PLEASE DO!!!!!!!
The Girl with the Lavender Hair,

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