Yoga Straps

All of my Yoga Straps are made with fabric choices from various types of fabric. All my fabric is handpicked, then washed before making. I wash everything in hypo-allergenic washing solution that I custom make myself of Borax, Washing powder and Fels Naptha Soap.

Then I cut and iron the pieces out so I can work with them. Each piece is cut to 6 Feet and most pieces are One yard in length. If the piece is labeled a SMALL, it is because the size of the piece was smaller than one yard and but liked the fabric and wanted to use it. This size can still be used, it just will need to be used in the middle of the yoga mat not on the ends or can be used for a CHILD or for a towel.

I stand behind all my products, though I do not offer refunds. I will however, offer you another yoga strap at your choosing. I have had a fashion business for over five years with Trisha Trixie Designs and because of this is why I do not offer refunds.

I am willing to do custom orders if YOU buy the fabric and  send or deliver it to me. I need one FULL YARD of Fabric 45″ (in) wide or at least 36 ” (in) wide. It can be a variety of fabric types, however, the BEST type of fabric is a medium weight or heavy cotton.

If you want to add a stabilizer inside the yoga strap it is an extra $2.50 to the order.

I make the Yoga Straps to be light and comfortable as I am a Chronic Pain Sufferer and to have something too heavy on my shoulder hurts too much so I do not add anything extra inside. Strap It Om straps are only made with the fabric themselves. The only additions to the straps are the labels and the OM charms I add on to the tags as a small gift token for you to keep!

As I make the Strap It Om Straps, pictures will be added below to our Picture Gallery! Enjoy!


Hot P!nk SIO Strap
Hot P!nk SIO Strap $35